My name is Zoe, I live in a small coastal town in Florida. I arrived here from London, England 11 years ago, with dreams of a slower paced life in warmer climes.  I’m married to Michael, who hails from Brooklyn New York. We sometimes miss big city living, but for the most part we both love it here. We’ve thought about living on a farm in one of the north eastern states, complete with horses, cows, chickens and lots of room to grow our own food. I’m not sure I could give up my morning stroll’s on the beach though, and sunshine always helps you to look on the bright side. The thought of winter, icy roads and shoveling snow from the driveway makes me shudder. I’m a Floridian now!

I started this blog for no particular reason, other than wanting to showcase the abundance of beauty which surrounds us all every single day. I started taking pictures many years ago, when I received a 35mm SLR on my 18th birthday. I’ve moved into the digital world since then, and the technology constantly amazes me. My Photos however are largely untouched, as I adore the ruggedness of nature.

I love the simplicity of pictures, and how they can capture a moment in time and keep it forever. I particularly like taking flowers and just about anything nature has to offer. This site is a tiny bit of my creative soul, a place to express myself.

I read posts all the time from other bloggers who give us glimpses of their lives. I love WordPress. It keeps you connected to the world in ways TV and news programs cannot. There is joy in lots of unexpected places. I can read about life in Dar, Marrakesh, or Singapore from real people, with real lives.

Wherever you are, something good is always going on. There is always beauty and joy. There are no ordinary moments.



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